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Upload photos to Instagram on a Mac using Safari

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and short-video sharing social media platforms in the world. In its core design, it is designed to be used on a mobile device. Having said this, anyone may view, like and comment on photos and videos using the desktop version, from any browser.  Simply, log into your account and you'll be ready to go.

Upload photos to Instagram on a Mac using Safari

Sadly, you are usually unable to upload photos or videos to your account from that same desktop. I say usually because there is a trick that can be exploited by Safari users on Mac. Once you've done the trick, you'll be able to upload photos from your desktop.

Let's get started. Simply watch the video or follow the instructions below it.

1.Open Safari and head to Preferences > Advanced and make sure Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar is toggled on.
2. Head to the Instagram website and log in to your account. From the menu bar elect Develop > User Agent > Safari - iOS 10 - iPhone.


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